Sesterzio, Italy

Azienda Sesterzio was born out of Nicola Lardera’s desire to restore family vines to their former glory. Planted on a terrace on the steep slopes bordering the village of Berbenno di Valtellina in Lombardy. On the Swiss border of the municipality of Maroggia, the vineyard stands out at the foot of the Italian Alps, between 400 to 800 meters above sea level. The young company is under the direction of winemaker Claudio Introini, master producer of the greatest wines in Italy. Among other things, it has been awarded Les Tre Bicchieri many times by the famous magazine Gambero Rosso.
The family has produced a simple, natural, local wine for ages, and Claudio does the same. Chiavennasca is the name given here to Nebbiolo, the traditional red grape of Valtellina, and is the key to the elegance that characterizes this wine. By respecting an artisanal mode of production and using modern means, they’re able to produce authentic wines, elaborate with scrupulous attention, from the vine to the bottle.

Claudio combines respect for nature, harmony of traditions and the use of cutting-edge technologies to protect this terroir. It aims for environmental and productive recovery, but also qualitative and technological development. The winemaker works to restore the territory to its own identity, while maintaining the pride of the people who live there.