BOIRES [bwaʁ] n.m. : Slang, neologism, French Canadian lingo inspired from the word drinks. Referred to when describing thirst-quenching liquids, more notably, the wines promoted by our agency.


Boires is a team of impassioned wine enthusiasts. Constantly exploring the globe, we work to unveil products from extraordinary regions along with the people and the environments that allow them to flourish. We specialize in representing producers of wine and spirits that meet the leading tasting standards throughout the Canadian market. We are advocates for the vine and its caretakers on a mission to bring these products home to you.


Our focus enables Canadians to discover the work of talented artisans from recognized and emerging regions. Our selection, approved by our experts, reflects our company’s vision and values: to promote authenticity and respect for the environment while staying focused on the dynamics of the beverage industry. We value producers who want to offer a unique product that stands out from the generic methods of mass production.


Charles Landreville

Co-Founder and general manager

Audrey David

Product logistics coordinator

Steven Paulino

Ontario director and Ottawa representative

Florence Bélanger-Morin

Management coordinator

Marie-Ève Allard

Store operations coordinator

Marie-Frédérique Gagnon

Sales coordinator

Evelyne Sanfaçon

Billing and accounting coordinator

Sydney Parris

Toronto and south Ontario representative

Camille Bourgault

Product specialist and online sales coordinator

Jean-Philippe Lepage

Quebec city, Centre-du-Québec, South est Québec representative

François Fily

Quebec city, Saguenay L-S-J, Mauricie representative

Francis Ranger

Montérégie and Eastern Townships representative

Cédric Peltier

Montreal licencee representative

Claire Ormiston

Greater Toronto Area