Closerie des Moussis
Bordeaux, France

La Closerie des Moussis is a microdomain created in 2009 by Pascale Choime and Laurence Alias. A trained oenologist and agricultural engineer passionate about sustainable development and ecology. Today, the estate covers only 1.8 ha (1.6 ha in AOC Haut-Médoc and 20 ares in AOC Margaux). Starting from scratch, the two women cleverly decided not to rush into debt and work in tenant farming (very long-term rental) rather than buying at high cost. For example, one hectare of vines is priced at around € 120,000 in Haut Médoc, which is already quite a lot. On the Margaux side, it's 10 to 12 times more expensive.

One of their 50 are plots is over 150 years old and the vines are in “francs de pieds” or naturally rooted. Six prephylloxeric Bordeaux grape varieties (including carménère) are planted there. On this particularly coddled plot, the very low yields are around 10 hl / ha. The entire vineyard is carried out in organic farming and is worked in biodynamics (Demeter certification from 2015). The rows are grassed, no weed killers or pesticides are used and even sulfur and copper are used sparingly. All the work in the vineyard is manual and the soil is plowed thanks to Jumpa, the draft mare. In addition to their vines, they buy organic grapes on the vine from a Bordeaux winemaker to make wines from friends (cuvées Spoum and Virevolte).

The harvest is done by hand, in 12 kg boxes. In the cellar, the vinification is natural, with no input apart from sulfur, used extremely moderately for bottling. The extractions are gentle to keep the purity of the juices. Aging in large barrels of 400 and 600 liters takes place with a small proportion of new barrels (around 20%) and the wines are unfined.