Alta Allela & Celler de les Aus
Catalonia, Spain

Alta Allela is a family project created more than 20 years ago by Josep Maria Pujol-Busquets and Cristina Guillén. In 1991, after accumulating solid international expertise, the oenologist and his wife acquired a property with Modernist reminiscences (Art Nouveau), Can Genís located 10 km from Barcelona, in the agricultural zone of the Natural Park of the Serralada de Marina. They own 30 hectares of vines planted with traditional grape varieties of the region, Pansa Blanca and Mataró, and are certified organic. Alta Allela is also the first domaine of the DO Cava to have made sparkling wine without sulfur since 2006, a parcel of the estate is even classified in ''Paraje Calificado'' (qualified place) demonstrating the unique quality of this terroir.

The vineyard, from an altitude of 100 to 250 meters above sea level is planted in terrace style and benefits from a soil of Sauló, characteristic of its acidity, its texture of sandy limestone and its low active limestone content. It is found in an area virtually free of mildew (attack every 10 years or so), the only occasional treatment being preventive and consisting of the application of natural sulfur powder. Some of the vines receive no treatment. The objective is to privilege the life of the grounds, the durability of the animal and vegetable species thus favoring the natural ecosystem.

The harvest is done manually over two months so that the same vine is harvested up to three times, always looking for the optimal ripening point. In the cellar, only natural yeasts are used and very little sulfur is added when bottling.