Pax Vinum
Catalonia, Spain

Pax Vinum is a family estate located in Penèdes, Catalonia. Although the family has been producing wine for over a century, the establishment is still in the early stages with their first vintages. The estate practices organic viticulture and its vineyards are partly situated in a nature reserve where the use of synthetic products for agriculture is prohibited. Thus, the respect of biodiversity is a priority to favor the coexistence of numerous animal and vegetable species. Bees, sheep and various weeds are used to maintain the health of the vine and to help it to develop natural defense mechanisms.

They only produce Cava, which has benefited from long aging periods. The grapes come from different parcels planted at altitudes up to 700 meters. The altitude as well as the diversity of the soils makes it possible to produce fresh, textured and balanced wines. The grape varieties planted on the estate's vineyards are parellada, macabeo and xarel-lo; the classics of the region. Their primary objective is to produce fine-grained terroir Cava which rivals the great sparkling wines of the world.