La Callejuela
Andalusia, Spain

Paco and Pepe Blanco own 28 hectares of old vines in the region of Jerez, cradle of Spanish oxidative wines. In 1980 their father Francisco, after twenty years of working in the vineyards, had enough money to create the small artisanal company located on Calle Caño Dorado in Sanlucár. Over the years, he bought the best plots in the areas such as El Hornillo and La Callejuela.
The two brothers are “Mayetos” as they say in Sanlúcar, they are part of the few bodegas that grow their own grapes to make their Sherry, when most buy the “Mosto” (must), and grapes elsewhere.

The soil is the famous ''Albariza'' which comes from Latin (albus) meaning white. It is mainly composed of limestone, which has a large capacity for water retention allowing the vines to spend the summer without too much water stress.

In the cellar, they have the help of the young and talented oenologist Ramiro Ibáñez with his innovative ideas already shaking up the region. His vision is more focused on the terroir and the vine culture than on the long Solera aging process, giving Bodega Callejuela an avant-garde spirit.