Les Terres d'Ocre
Loire, France

After ten years of travelling and working in different countries, Florent Barichard moved back to his native land of Auvergne as a winemaker in 2013. His uncle and aunt decided to share almost half of their vineyard so that he could make his own wine. With the experience acquired at the Domain of Vincent Carême, a renowned Vouvray winemaker, Florent quickly and masterfully created beautiful wines.

Today, he operates nearly 12 hectares of vines organically and he will obtain ECOCERT certification next year. Florent cultivates Chardonnay, and Tressalier (ancestor of Pinot Noir, called Sacy in Burgundy). Gamay and Pinot Noir are planted on the sandy soils of Châtel-de-Neuvre and Meillard granite. Florent is part of a group of winemakers who are helping to advance the prestige and popularity of the appellation of Saint-Pourçain.