Letherbee Distillery
Illinois, USA

Brenton Engel started off by distilling moonshine in his basement in 2007. Two years later, Illinois Joy, a title he gave to his contraband liquor, became one of the most popular underground bar’s of the restaurant industry in Chicago. It was also around the same time that Brent fraternized with the hottest and most experienced bartenders and mixologists in the area and it was from this union that Letherbee Distillers was born. Having no outside investor or marketing support of any kind, the distillery has no competition in authenticity department.

The fact that the idea for the distillery came out of meetings between friends around cocktails and punk shows, makes Letherbee a pure reflection of Chicago's nightlife. Today, the product range includes Gin Original Label, Barrel-aged Absinthe, Autumnal and Vernal Gin, Bësk and Fernet.