Hervé Bossé
Loire, France

Situated since 2014 in Saint-George-sur-Layon in the Loire region, Hervé Bossé, his wife Marie and their sons Théo own a small family business, La Grange de Noue Méa. They cultivate almost 4 hectares of vineyards of Grolleau, Cabernet Franc and Chenin, all farmed organically and biodynamically. Hervé cultivates natural wines with as little intervention as possible, in the logic of ""letting nature be"". Marie, meanwhile, works on the development of natural body products from her flower garden, which she cultivates with great care and is also an expert in floral arrangements.

Hervé Bossé lets his vines self-regulate, using the practice of grassing between the vines which provides a better structure to the soil and also acts as a natural fertiliser. This practice is an alternative to chemical weed killers and tillage. The grapes are harvested manually and in the cellar as on the vines no additional synthetic product is used. He does not “top up” his wines, neither his whites nor his reds, leaving the work to nature.

Anxious to preserve natural resources, he uses and reuses the maximum of objects and raw materials (cardboard, wine vinegar ...). This approach extends even to the reuse of his bottles. He hopes to convince his fellow winemakers to participate in a collective organization to help reduce the ecological costs related to transport and he is a member of the association “Bout à Bout”, (bottle recycling) which is already active in the region of Nantes.