Frank John
Pfalz, Germany

It was in 2002 that Gerlinde and Frank John acquired Hirschhorner Hof, a former tithe barn and church grounds in the Pfalz region in Germany. The building, over 400 years old, is in the renaissance style and has an impressive vaulted cellar that they renovated with the greatest respect for detail. Since 2003, they manage the family business with their children Sebastian and Dorothea. And it is in this barn that the magic takes place. Their motto is: "Great old-fashioned wines". Their philosophy is inspired by traditional farming methods and techniques.

Their three hectares of Pinot Noir and Riesling vines are biodynamically and manually harvested to use only the best quality grapes. The same minimalist approach is practised in the winery. During vinification, they allow fermentation to occur naturally (for Malolactic also). This is followed by a long vinification in barrels and minimal additions of sulfur just before bottling. The estate is certified Organic, Demeter (biodynamic) and Naturland and supports the Slow Food movement!