Veneto, Italy

The story of Bele Casel begins in the 1970s when Luca and Paola Ferraro's parents meet. Their father, student in oenology and their mother, daughter of a winemaker joined together and created the family business that we know today.

The Bele Casel estate is located in the city of Caerano di San Marco, in the province of Treviso, in Veneto. It creates a Prosecco Superiore, 44th DOCG of Italy under the appellation of Asolo (or Collo Asolani). The vine is grown traditionally on a mountainous soil 400 meters in altitude. In the past, the estate was no more than one hectare and Ilario, the grandfather, produced a tiny amount of wine from Malvasia (2000 to 3000 bottles). Today, it produces an extensive Prosecco Superiore composed of Glera, grape typical of the region.

Certified Organic, the Bele Casel vines do not receive any pesticide or herbicide treatments and a large part of the work in the vineyard is done by hand. In the cellar, the manipulations are minimal, and only indigenous yeasts are used. The fermentation takes place in the bottles, on the lees at a low temperature. The secondary fermentation is then completed in the purest tradition of Prosecco, according to different methods. A slightly sparkling wine veiled by its sediments (fondo) is created. The producers continue a tradition in respect of the vine and nature that has animated this family forever.