Tejo, Portugal

Natalia Jessa, originally from Poland, moved to Portugal in 2009. A year later, she founded Gota, which means Drop in Portuguese, as an expression of her love for her adopted land. Combining rich tradition with modern thought, Gota produces fresh and sizzling wines from its wide range of native varietals. In fact, Natalia produces indigenous varietals that reflect purely Portuguese regional soils and climates, all at an affordable price. Her main objective is to allow the wines of the best regions of Portugal shine by making them available and accessible throughout the world.

Natalia constantly travels the country in search of new vines and chooses those which, according to her, best express the unique personality of each region: the pure soul of each terroir. Natalia has close relationships with local producers who share the common goal of preserving local traditions while respecting modern standards of viticulture and winemaking. Natalia is also the wife of the great Luis Sabra, producer of fine wines and outstanding taster.